Southwest Florida Golf Communities–A “Top 25″ List

I’m constantly being asked…”What are the best golf communities in Naples and Southwest Florida?” So, based on 10-years of showing and comparing properties in 70-80 different golf communities–and selling in 50 of these communities–I’ve formulated a list of the communities that my Buyers have most often preferred. Their careful buying decisions have been predicated on a number of very important considerations… community size and history; types and prices of housing; annual HOA fees and real estate taxes; initiation costs and annual costs of membership programs; quality and difficulty of golf course; quality and assortment of amenities and activities, etc. (Note: If you want to learn more about these points, please refer to my “GURU GOLF” Blog post…“Southwest Florida Golf Communities–How to Compare”).

My Revised (May 2016) “Top 25″ list includes five categories of private golf communities, organized by Golf Membership initiation fees so that you can focus on the price category that best applies to your personal budget. Each category features a “Top 5″ list, along with two “Honorable Mention” golf communities. I’ve also included a “Top 5″ of local public golf course communities that have housing developments around them. As you go through these lists, you can click on the name of any individual community if you want to review its specific information and available homes. Please feel free to call or e-mail me to ask additional questions, or to schedule visits to these (or any other) Southwest Florida golf communities.

“Public” Golf Communities–these are housing developments built around public golf courses. Typically, they have no annual golf fees…you just pay-as-you-play.

“Bundled” Private Golf Communities–when you buy in these communities, a full-Golf/Social Membership is included with the home, and you pay no membership initiation fee.

“Affordable-Priced” Private Equity/Non-Equity Golf Communities–initiation fees between $5,000-$29,999

“Medium-Priced” Private Equity/Non-Equity Golf Communities–initiation fees between $30,000-49,999

  • Gulf Harbour (18-holes; $35,000 initiation fee)–Ft. Myers
  • Kensington (18-holes; $38,000 initiation fee)–Naples
  • Quail Creek (36-holes; $35,000 initiation fee)–Naples
  • The Quarry (18-holes; $45,000 initiation fee)–Naples
  • TwinEagles (36-holes; $40,000 initiation fee)–Naples
  • Honorable Mention:
    • Audubon (18-holes; $40,000 initiation fee)–Naples
    • Pelican Marsh (18-holes; $45,000 initiation fee)–Naples

“Premium-Priced” Private Equity/Non-Equity Golf Communities–initiation fees between $50,000-$79,999

  • Bonita Bay (90-holes; $75,000 initiation fee)–Bonita Springs
  • Fiddler’s Creek (18-holes; $50,000 initiation fee)–Naples
  • Miromar Lakes (18-holes; $50,000 initiation fee)–Ft. Myers
  • Palmira (27-holes; $50,000 initiation fee)–Bonita Springs
  • Tiburon (36-holes; $70,000 initiation fee)–Naples
  • Honorable Mention:
    • Olde Cypress (18-holes; $60,000 initiation fee)–Naples
    • Shadow Wood (54-holes; $55,000 initiation fee)–Bonita Springs

“Elite Priced” Private Equity/Non-Equity Golf Communities–initiation fees of $80,000-and-over


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